About Us

MyBrightCar is a simple, fast and effective way for buying your next car. You simply use the specialised search tools to help you select the type of vehicle you are looking for and submit. Your request will be sent to dealers who will start working on the best offers they can provide you. All you need to do is wait while dealers send you their best offers. Allowing you to compare offers from a wide range of dealers from the comfort of your home enabling you to find the deal that suits your needs. The simple process allows you to be in the driving seat and gives you the ability to view a wide range of offers from dealers that want your business.

The simple process
  • Enter the details and specification of the vehicle that you are looking for using our bespoke tools.
  • Submit your request
  • You decide on how to be contacted ie Email, via Mybrightcar login, telephone
  • Wait for dealers to get in contact with the best deals they can offer on your request.
  • If you are interested in any of the deals you can contact the dealers direct to discuss the offer.
Cost involved
  • There are no costs involved for the buyer. You deal direct with the dealer and pay us nothing.
  • We use our data base to put you in touch with a network of car dealers
  • All you do is select the vehicle that meets your criteria and wait for the deals to come to you
  • You as the consumer have no obligations to the deals / Offers sent to you, it is your decision if you wish to proceed.
  • If there is a deal that you are interested in, then you can contact the dealer and enquire further direct with them.
John Wilde
CEO Mybrightcar


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